Stakeholder Conference 2022

In May 2022, PZI finally got to organize an event on location! We welcomed over 100 people from the industry and connected around safety.

We had Timco van Brummelen of Rijkswaterstaat share about lessons learned of the incident at Grave and traffic psychology. In addition, our trainee Bjørg Sandvik shared about her findings around bridge strikes.

The person in the wheelhouse is operating in a certain environment, in which many factors are of influence. Within this industry, we need to keep in mind all these factors and our impact on them.

Liana Engibarjan recorded a vlog!

As part of our ‘Persoon Overboard’ campaign, barge skipper and vlogger Liana Engibarjan jumped into the water to experience what it is like to end up in cold water and what to do. Although the water was more than 20°C, it was not easy. Watch the video below.